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IELTS essay on Advertising to Children – ideas, vocabulary, grammar and model answer (video)

Have you ever heard of the writer’s block?

It is a condition that affects not only book authors but also many IELTS test takers. If you ever felt stuck trying to write an essay (IELTS Writing Task 2), you’ve experienced it, too!

And that is exactly the reason for this lesson. Adam, our experienced ex-IELTS examiner, has met so many people who had the vocabulary and grammar knowledge, but still couldn’t come up with enough ideas to write about. So, he wanted to help!

If you don’t have good ideas and examples, or you can’t come up with them quickly enough, it eats away at your time later on, and it also prevents you from demonstrating the vocabulary and grammar that you do have.

In this lesson Adam will focus on the process of creating ideas – but he will also give you some advanced grammar and vocabulary, so it’s a win-win for you!

Watch the lesson on YouTube, or below:


The essay topic in this lesson is:

These days a considerable amount of advertising is directed at children. Should it be banned because of the adverse effects?

When you write an essay on this topic, you should:

  • State your opinion clearly
  • Stay true to your opinion – don’t suddenly change your view in the middle of your essay!
  • Give reasons for your opinion and include your knowledge and experience to support your views.
  • Make sure your answer covers all parts of the task and your opinion.
  • So, watch the video for some great ideas on what to write about, how to best structure your essay, and what content belongs in the body paragraphs and in the conclusion.

    If Adam helped you learn something new today, like this video, subscribe to our YouTube channel and leave a comment to tell us what you think!

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