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Academic IELTS Writing Task 1 – How to Describe Pie Charts

In today’s video lesson you will learn a great way to describe pie charts in your Writing Task 1 response. Adam, our former IELTS examiner, will show you step by step how to write a Band 7+ report when you get not one, but two(!) pie charts.

You won’t be just watching – you will be actively learning, brainstorming, thinking, planning and writing! Follow Adam’s lead and by the end of this lesson you will understand exactly how to compare and describe pie charts in a Writing Task 1. You will also learn what NOT to do in your writing task 1 report – which is just as important.

Watch the lesson on YouTube, or below:

Adam doesn’t give you a model response in this lesson, because he would like you to have a go and write your own. But if you’d like to see a Band 9 sample, check out our High Scorer’s Choice IELTS practice tests. This particular topic can be found in Package 2 and we also provide a model response for it, as well as all the other writing tasks.

Enjoy the lesson!

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