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Online IELTS course: Lesson #2 is coming

Those of you who already joined the course and received Lesson #1 know that the next lesson will arrive in a week’s time after the first. For example, if you’ve joined on Monday, you’ve received the first lesson immediately and should expect Lesson #2 on Monday the following week.

Here is a short summary of what you will learn in the Lesson #2:

Many IELTS candidates become “clock victims” – meaning they spend too much time looking at the clock and that hurts their performance. The lesson will suggest some ways how to avoid that.

Another typical problem is that people get anxious or panic during the Writing test. There are ways to cope with that by planning and organizing your writing, which the lesson will demonstrate.

The best part of the lesson is 7 tips to writing a successful report (Academic Writing Task 1) and a list of 4 types of mistakes that annoy the assessors the most – simply a must-read, whatever you do, don’t miss that.

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