Today instead of an update about IELTS exams all over the world, I have something else. Something that you need just as much. Something good. Can you guess what it is? That’s right, I am talking about IELTS practice tests, brand new ones, that were only added to IELTS-Blog 2 days ago.

You wrote to me and told me that you needed more practice exercises – and I listened. Then I found a great source of these tests: people who developed them have been preparing students for IELTS for over a decade. They can be trusted and their exercises are excellent.

I added a link in the right sidebar, under “Online Course”, it says “NEW! Free IELTS practice tests”. But I was afraid that you won’t notice, and decided to write this post to make sure you see and try these tests.

You will find there 2 sets of IELTS exercises, one for the Academic Module and another for the General Training module, so this really covers everyone’s needs. Click on the link below, and it will take you to the new IELTS tests.

Click here for IELTS Practice tests.

Happy practicing!

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