Recent IELTS exams

Real students tell about their recent IELTS exams: IELTS questions, topics, tasks, answers.

IELTS exam in Dublin, Ireland – October 2008 (General Training)

Here is what A. from Dublin wanted you to know about his exam:


As usual, some parts were easier and some harder, nothing exceptional


There were 4 passages and 40 questions; the difficulty of tasks was like in the books. Don’t remember the topics, unfortunately.


Task 1 (Letter)
Write a letter to apply for a job following an advertisement in a newspaper

Task 2 (Essay)
Some people think if the students are afraid of their teacher this is better, other think that having a friendly relationship with teachers in better, what do you think ?


I thought it was less formal, but hard, and a huge of number of questions.
It was my first experience, so felt a bit weird.

IELTS exam in Singapore – October 2008 (Academic)

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Here is what K. from Singapore just told me about her exam:


Section one: A man inquires about music class for his son.
Section 2 and 3 – can’t remember.
Section 4: something about food and learning abilities.


1) Passage one was the most difficult article that I’ve ever read, it was about seeds conservation.
2) Scientific research in Antarctica. In this 2nd reading, there were so many T/F/NG questions.
3) Fire in Netherlands, again skills tested on looking for specific information.


Task 1 (Report)
The two pie charts show the number of employees taking different courses which are provided by their company and the reasons why they want to enroll in a particular course.

Task 2 (Essay)
A society is based on laws and rules. The individuals who want freedom would face problems in this society. To what extent do you agree with this statement?


Question about work, art and museums, about a garden

Describe something that you want to learn


  • Why young people are able to learn things faster than older people?
  • Advantages of having computers in the education
  • How can a person learn his/her studies effectively with a computer?
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