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Recent IELTS exams

Real students tell about their recent IELTS exams: IELTS questions, topics, tasks, answers.

IELTS Speaking questions from Australia, NSW – January 2010

IELTS speaking questions from NSW, Australia were shared by our kind friend V., who remembered this much:

Speaking test


– What’s your name?
– Are you currently working or studying?
– What do you do?
– Do you remember your first day at work?
– Why do you think first day is important?
– Do you have neighbors? Do you know them?
– Why do you think having a good relationship with your neighbors is important?
– Where do you usually travel to?
– Have you been on a long trip? Where to?
– Which place do you wish to travel to and why?

Cue Card

Please talk about the school that you went to when you were a child, you should say:
– what school that was,
– where it was,
– what you remember about your teachers,
– what you enjoyed during the school time.


– For children there days, do you think it’s easier to make friends in a smaller school or a larger school? And how?
– In your opinion, what are the benefits of studying in a larger school? Please quote some examples.
– Do you think social education is important at school? What are the advantages for children?
– How do you think the school is also helping the pupils with developing their social skills? Please quote an example.

IELTS exam in the USA – January 2010 (General Training)

IELTS in the USA was described by M. (thanks a lot!), who shared the following information:

Listening test

Section 1: Tourism company representative was talking to a customer.
Questions: Filling in the blanks using two or three words.

Section 2: A student was asking her colleague about how to write a thesis.
Questions: Filling in the blanks using two or three words.

Section 3: History of a Shipping company.
Questions: Filling in the blanks and Multiple choice.

Section 4: Don’t remember.

Reading test

Passage 1: Public speaking, presentation skills.
Questions: True, False and Not Given.

Passage 2: Art Collection galleries in your area.
Questions: Match the paragraphs and True/False/Not given.

Passage 3: About Roaring Camp, California.
Questions: Match the heading to the paragraph and True/False/Not Given.

4. About the Ice Man.
Questions: Match the heading to the paragraph and True/False/Not Given.

Writing test

Writing task 1 (a letter)
Train service in your area is reduced. Write a letter to the train company, including the following:
– Explain how it affects you,
– Describe your situation,
– Tell the train company what you would like them to do.

Writing task 2 (an essay)
Some people believe that teenagers should spend their free time helping the local community without payment. Do you agree or disagree? Discuss and provide real life examples from your experience.

Speaking test

– What is your name?
– How should I call you?
– Where do you work?
– Why did you choose this profession?
– Tell me about seasons, and which season you like.
– Tell me about seasons in your country, how many are there?
– Do you prefer to stay in a place that has just one season that lasts the whole year or a place with many seasons?

Cue card
Talk about some exiting news that you’ve received by phone or email, please say
– What news it was,
– How you felt after getting that news,
– What you did when you heard the news.

– Communication between peoples, how important is it?
– Can communication be taught, or is it in the nature of a person?
– How people can be taught to communicate?
– What types of communication can be there?
– Is it different in other countries?