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IELTS Training

How to practice before your IELTS exam

What can IELTS Online Prep Platform do for me?

Many people have written to me, asking to explain about our IELTS Online Prep platform, so this is what I am going to do here.

For those of you who wonder what IELTS Online Prep platform is, the answer is – it’s a place to train and practice for your IELTS test. After you’ve read the tips and learned the techniques to handle IELTS tasks, the very next step is to practice as much as possible. For people who have very little time to study IELTS Online Prep platform offers online exercises that allow you to quickly get in shape before your exam. For students who need to improve their Band Score, there are online tests designed to help you get a better score. To use them, all you need is a computer with Internet access and speakers/headphones (easy, ha?).

You can see exactly what you get in IELTS Online Prep platform by signing up for a free trial here

To start training on the IELTS Online Prep platform

1) Sign up for a free trial here. To access a complete practice test you can log in with your Google account (anyone who uses Gmail has it) or create a username and password, your choice.

2) Go to Practice or Mock Test in the left navigation menu. It will allow you to experience a complete practice test with answers. Practice mode has no time limits, and Mock Test mode lets you do the test under timed conditions and estimate your score. Remember to choose the correct test type – Academic or General – because it sets the practice tests type you will be doing.

3) When you see how convenient the platform is, you can unlock more practice tests purchasing an access code.

This short video will walk you through everything there’s to know to start a successful IELTS prep session:


Success in IELTS – what’s involved

If I had a dollar for every email I’ve ever received, saying “My IELTS is in 3 weeks and I need a Band 7 in every section, what should I do?” – I’d be filthy rich! Everyone wants to know this – how do you succeed in IELTS in such a short time?

My answer is – there are 2 stages to this process.

Stage one: learn the techniques to handle tasks in a fast and efficient way. This part is mostly theoretical – and you all know that theory alone is never enough.

Stage two: practice and apply all of those techniques while solving as many tasks, answering as many questions, and writing as many essays, letters and reports as possible.

In the past was focusing more on the techniques and less on practicing – but not any more!

Our new IELTS Online Prep Platform will help you get ready for the test.

The idea of this new website section is very simple – you go there to practice and get in shape before the IELTS exam. Think of it as a gym, because it gives you sets of exercises to do online, each with immediate feedback. Every skill is covered: the reading, writing, listening and speaking. All you need to use the IELTS Online Prep Platform is Internet access and speakers or headphones.

Enough said – check it out. Sign up for a free trial here. Get access to a complete practice test by logging in with your Google account (anyone who uses Gmail has it) or creating a username and password, your choice.

The IELTS Online Prep Platform looks just like the computer-delivered IELTS, and it was designed to be accessed from a computer (not a mobile device). If you are reading this on mobile and can’t wait to log in, watch this video to see what you get on the platform, and then log in from a computer: