Meet our IELTS teacher

Today I am breaking the routine updates about IELTS exams in various countries to introduce you to our new IELTS teacher.

IELTS teacher checks writing tasks
Everyone, meet Nipun Jain. He is a teacher and a finance professional by qualifications, who is working as “centre head” in an IELTS Training Institute (Benchmark) in India, preparing native Indian students for the IELTS test. Benchmark has been running for a couple of years by now, has 5 staff members and handles about 150 students.

As busy as he is, Nipun finds time to help us out in IELTS-Blog, checking and grading your submitted essays. We all appreciate his help very much, let’s give Nipun Jaine a warm welcome.

Thank you for your kindness and keep up the great job!

You can reach him at: Kindly make sure that essays for grading are sent through only.

IELTS exam in Abu Dhabi, UAE – February 2009 (Academic Module)

Thanks to B. from Abu Dhabi, UAE we know this much about a recent Academic IELTS exam there:

Listening test

Section 1 was about an employee speaking over the phone to an agent, looking for a job.
Section 3 was about nomads in Africa.

Reading test

Passage 1 was about the invention of writing (a difficult one!)
Passage 2 was about bees
Passage 3 was about the invention of compass

Writing test

Writing Task 1 (report)
There was a pie chart showing the percentages of tourists in Australian resorts by countries of origin: Asian 35%, European 30%, American 18%, Other 10%, etc. There was also a table that showed their average length of stay and type of accommodation.

Writing Task 2 (essay)
The topic was about youth dropping out of school and thus presenting a problem to their society. We were asked to make suggestions on how to solve that problem.

Speaking test

In the interview there were questions about my house and the type of music that I listen to, and the cue card was about a person I am impressed with.



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