Easier IELTS exams: at IDP or at British Council?

Thanks to those who replied to my previous post about IDP and British Council, we’ve found out that students think there is a difference.

For example, in Vietnam, according to an IELTS Tutor Laura (not a real name) and her students, British Council scores tend to be at least 0.5 or 1.0 lower than those of IDP. According to some of Laura’s students, IDP favors students who have taken the IDP IELTS preparation course by giving them higher speaking and writing grades. Laura thinks that this could also be due to the fact that students feel more comfortable with the examiners they already know, especially during the speaking test.

Laura’s friends also said that IDP’s reading questions seemed more straightforward; the students felt they were easier than the Cambridge past papers and practice tests. On the other hand, she personally took the exam at the British Council and felt absolutely no bias on the examiner’s side – but she hadn’t had the chance to compare it to IDP.

So there you go, people in India and Vietnam think that IDP gives easier exams than the British Council does – especially if you participate in a preparation course.

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