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IELTS Speaking questions from India and Iraq – January 2024

IELTS Speaking New Questions India January 2024

Our subscribers J and P took their IELTS tests in India and Iraq a few days ago and were asked the same Speaking questions.

Test tip: Review these questions and come up with some potential responses and the vocabulary you’d use in them. IELTS is known to retest the same questions in multiple countries. Being prepared for past questions and topic areas increases your chances of success.

After putting together a list of ideas and vocabulary, answer the questions and record yourself. Later, listen to the recording, self-assessing your fluency, intonation, any vocabulary shortcomings, or potential mispronunciations. Rerecord anything you could have done better, and you’ll notice an improvement in the very next attempt!

Speaking test

Part 1 (Interview)

– Can you tell me your full name?
– Do you work are you a student?
– Do you play video games?
– What kind of games do you play?
– Do you have friends who are also into gaming?
– What types of games do you usually play with your friends?
– Do you enjoy watching others play video games, like in live streams or gaming videos?
– How much time do you typically spend gaming in a week?

Part 2 (Cue Card)

Describe something you have bought recently and now cannot live without. You should say

– what it is
– why you bought it
– how often you use it

and explain why you cannot live without it.

Part 3 (Discussion)

– In your opinion, how has technology changed our world?
– Do you think it’s easier to invent new things in the modern world compared to the past? Why or why not?
– Can you name some problems that technology has helped us solve?
– Do you believe that all inventions made today are useful? Why or why not?
– How do you think technology will continue to impact our daily lives in the future?
– Are there any negative impacts of technology that we should be worried about?

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