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IELTS competition winner reveals secrets of her success

I would like to share with you the email I’ve received from Trang Do – our results competition winner with overall Band 8.0. The reason I’m doing this is not to publish more praise for IELTS-Blog. You know who we are, and you know what we do. My reason is entirely different – the way Trang Do describes her preparation really proves that it is possible for an ordinary person to get great results in IELTS – just add practice. Here is what she says:

“Dear Simone,

Thank you so much for your blog in which I found valuable sources for my English practice in general and IELTS test in particular. I was introduced to IELTS-Blog by some friends of mine a couple of months before my actual test. Since then, I regularly received helpful tips for my self study. I especially appreciate your efforts in compiling tests taken from different parts and giving out to all blog members.

To share a little bit about my IELTS learning process, I practiced intensively a month before the test date. I tried to listen to English tapes, videos and read as much as possible all kinds of English publications. Regarding listening, which was once my weakest skill, the book “Target Band 7” was of great assistance to improve my listening score. I followed tips presented in the book and it really worked.

2 months before the test, I rarely scored 7.5 for the listening section. But in the real test, my score was 8.5. I hope that the blog will continue to be a partner of English learners.

Wish you all the best.

Trang Do”

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