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Reading tips

How to prepare for the IELTS Reading test, tips and techniques to improve your skills and raise your score

Get your free IELTS samples

We can’t have too many free tasks samples, can we 🙂 ? The IELTS official site recently released some more free practice materials.

They have added some Academic and General training reading passages and tasks, Academic and General Training writing tasks and a Speaking test. They also made the answers available and even some listening samples.

So those of you who haven’t seen the free samples yet can find them here:

Academic Reading Sample

Academic Writing Sample

General Training Reading Sample

General Training Writing Sample

Speaking Card Sample

The IELTS Reading test: how to practice smarter

Well, your IELTS exam is getting closer and you are practicing harder, solving more IELTS tests, reading passages, etc. But is this the most efficient way of practicing?

The best tip I can share with you is this: when you check your answers versus the correct ones, pay special attention to those you got WRONG. There always will be a chance to congratulate yourself later on those you’ve got right.

When you are going over the wrong answers one by one, try to understand why your answer is wrong, why the answer from the answer key is correct, and most importantly – why you made that mistake. Remember it and make sure you never make it again.

See what trap you walked into, what are your “weaknesses”, what type of task is the hardest for you. If, for instance, most of your mistakes are in “True/False/Not Given” type of questions – double-check your answers there. Or is your problem on the “Matching headings” task? Then pay extra attention to that kind of questions.