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Why sponsor

If you are targeting IELTS test takers or tutors, ESL teachers, English learners, students, migrants or job seekers, and you want to enhance your website exposure or brand awareness, by sponsoring IELTS-Blog you will get highly targeted visitors.

IELTS-Blog is a unique blog dedicated to the IELTS test; it ranks well in search engines and attracts people from all over the world who are interested in

  • Learning English
  • Studying for the IELTS exam
  • Teaching English in general and coaching people for IELTS in particular
  • Studying in a college or a university in an English-speaking country (such as USA, Canada, Australia, the UK, New Zealand)
  • Immigrating to an English-speaking country
  • Working in an English-speaking country (especially in occupations such as a doctor or a nurse)


IELTS-Blog is 7+ years old and has a Google Page rank of 5. This website is updated daily and the number of visitors constantly grows.

As of January 2013, it generates monthly

  • Over 1,144,000 page views
  • Over 333,000 visits
  • Has over 1446 articles

Ad campaigns

What you get is:

  • 125×125 Prime Box Banner
  • top right primary position, immediately next to the article
  • link back to your landing page URL
  • offered on month-by-month basis

Benefits: Your campaign is placed on all pages including the homepage, in the right top column prime sponsor area.

Availability: 2 positions currently available

* You will need to supply your own 125*125 pixel banner in JPEG or GIF format, please no animation and keep file size low. You may change your banner at any time.


Contact me at simone[at] for information on the latest rates, and don’t forget to include your advertising budget. Keep in mind that I can only accept advertising from companies or products I feel I can legitimately support.

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  1. I have youtube channel and I want to play your listening audio in my video can I do this it is only for education purpose

  2. I want to know this like i subscribed to Ielts blog…i need to pay anything or its free of cost for the material?

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