IELTS test in Malaysia and Australia – March 2014 (General Training)

Our friends J and S shared these questions from the IELTS exams they had in Malaysia and Australia:

Listening testIELTS test in Malaysia

Section 1. A conversation between a tourist and a receptionist about the jogging track nearby.
Questions: filling in blanks.

Section 2. A conversation about a driving lesson.
Questions: filling in blanks, diagram/map labeling.

Section 3, 4. Don’t remember.

Reading test

Passage 1. About a leisure park which consist of a few theme parks.
Questions: match activity to the park name.

Passage 2. About a camera surveillance system in the organization installed by the employer.

Passage 3. Don’t remember.

Passage 4. About the usage of flax plant and leaves in New Zealand by Maori tribe.
Questions: filling in blanks, True/False/Not Given, choose best title suitable for the whole passage.

Writing test

Writing task 1 (a letter)

Write a letter to an English teacher whom you know and ask to borrow a few English books to help a child of your friends to study. Please say

– Give details of the child.
– When and where do you plan to teach him/her?
– What books do you want to borrow?

Writing Task 2 (an essay)

Unhealthy lifestyle leads to many health problems. Why do people still live an unhealthy lifestyle? What could be a solution for this problem?

Speaking test


– What is your full name?
– Can I see your ID?
– Where are you from?
– Do you work or study?
– Where do you live now?
– What do you dislike about the house?
– Does it rain frequently in your area?
– Do people in your country like rain or not?

Cue Card 1

Talk about an ancient piece kept in your home. Please say

– What is it?
– Who bought it?
– Why is it important?

Discussion 1

– Do people come to your home to see it?
– Should every ancient piece be kept at home or not? Why?
– Is there a famous museum in your country?
– Do you think historical buildings should be preserved or not?

Cue Card 2

Talk about your favourite wild animal. Please say:

– What animal is it?
– Describe the animal.
– Why is this animal your favourite?

Discussion 2

– Is it important for kids to see animals?
– Tell me about a positive teenage experience you had.
– Do you think young people should spend more time with older people?
– What do you think will help them to communicate better?

IELTS test in Australia and Indonesia – March 2014 (Academic Module)

IELTS test takers S and W shared the Writing and Speaking questions from a recent exam in Australia and Indonesia (they got the same questions in Writing but different ones in Speaking):

Writing testIELTS test in Australia

Writing task 1 (a report)

We were given two diagrams to compare. One was the current plan of a university and the other was a future project plan for 2015.

Writing task 2 (an essay)

Living in big cities has a negative effect on people’s health. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Speaking test


– What is your full name?
– Can I see your ID?
– Where are you from?
– Do you work or study?
– Which do you prefer: working in the morning or in the afternoon?
– What kind of clothes do you wear for work?
– What do you think about people’s habit of buying clothes nowadays?
– Can you compare it to the past?

Cue Card 1

Talk about your trip far away from home. Please say

– When and where was it?
– Whom did you go with?
– Did you like this trip? Why?

Discussion 1

– Is it important for young people to travel?
– Is there a difference between how old and young people travel?
– Do you keep pets at home?
– What kind of pets do you have at home?
– Are there wild animals that you like?

Cue Card 2

Talk about a tourist attraction that you have visited recently. Please say

– What was it?
– When and where was it?
– How did you feel after the visit?

Discussion 2

– What are the famous tourist attractions in your country?
– What activities did you and your friends do as kids?
– What activities do children like to do nowadays?



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