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  • Free practice exercises for Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking
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306 thoughts on “Subscribe to IELTS Tips”

  1. That’s great! We sent you an activation email, please click on the link in it to confirm you would like to receive the questions, and that’s it. You will start receiving our daily updates right after that.

  2. Nsagha Kilian Tahsop

    Thank you sir. I am following up on the VIP. But need to know why I keep failing listening after so much practice

  3. For that you need to check your wrong answers and see what question types you get wrong, then concentrate on working on those question types. Many people do fine in Listening Part 1 and 2, because they are easy, but Parts 3 and 4 are harder and people make more mistakes there. Find the main issues for you and focus on them, that will give you the progress that you need.

  4. Hi Reshma here, I need your subscribe to your email free and will receive your latest update for IELTS.

  5. Hi Tamer, I couldn’t understand your comment fully. If you need to subscribe to our daily tips and updates, please enter your name and email address in the form at the top of this page.

  6. Hi there,

    Apology for my previous comments, I seems had a glitch while submitting it. Anyway, appreciate if you can subscribe me in. Do you requires to send my email address here?

    Thanks a bunch

  7. No problem! We usually ask people to subscribe themselves by entering their email and name in the form on this page. But we subscribed you manually since you asked, and now can you check your Inbox for the activation email? Click on the link in it, to start receiving our daily emails with IELTS tips, advice, recent questions and more.

  8. Hello Seeni, make sure you are subscribed to our free daily updates – have you entered your name and email address on this page? If you have, we will be sending you IELTS updates, advice and materials daily.

  9. I am subscribed to your website, but I am not receiving daily emails. Can you please check and solve this issue?

  10. Hi Marjana, we checked and our system shows that you are subscribed, and your subscription is active. According to our records, you’re receiving our daily emails. The last one we sent had the recent IELTS questions from Saudi Arabia. Can you confirm that you’ve received it?

  11. Including speaking , the other parts of ielts learning like reading,writing and listening may kindly be included.Thanks.

  12. I want writing and speaking questions please send questions with answers emails because I am learning easily daily emails I checked and practice ielts exammm

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