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Update from Academic IELTS exam, Australia

This brief update is from latest Academic IELTS in Melbourne, Australia. Read more latest exam updates here.

Listening topics:

1) Tickets’ booking over the phone
2) Seaside walk
3) Lecture on village life

Reading topics:
1) Bananas
2) Photography
3) Flavor sense

Writing :

Writing Task 1: Compare postgraduate project work in a UK university in 80s,
90s and 2000s on the basis of either they complete it on time, late, rewrote or
failed to write at all

Writing Task 2: Multicultural societies bring more benefit to the country
than drawbacks, discuss.


Interview questions – nothing special

Speech – long talk about a photograph

Discussion – two way discussion of our grandparents

4 thoughts on “Update from Academic IELTS exam, Australia”

  1. Hi Hardeep, I don’t believe in ‘predictions’ as far as IELTS is concerned, the questions are impossible to predict because the test is designed that way. If you subscribe to our daily emails with the latest questions reported by real test takers, that is your best chance to come across topics you may get too.

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