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IELTS test in Venezuela – November 2014 (General Training)

Thanks to the good memory of J who recently took the IELTS test in Venezuela we can share the following topics and questions:

Listening testIELTS test in Venezuela \

Section 1. A man was looking for a job at an agency.
Questions: filling in blanks.

Section 2. About the cleaning and packing process of coffee beans.

Section 3. About different types of coffee after the beans are processed.

Section 4. Don´t remember.

Reading test

Passage 1. A description of several restaurants.

Passage 2. About prices of a train company.

Passage 3. About benefits of working at some hospital.

Passage 4. About a hiking adventure.

Writing test

Writing task 1 (a letter)

You recently read an article in a magazine, which was very useful for your work. You would like to recommend it to a friend. Write a letter to him/her and say

– What was the article about?
– Where did you read it?
– Why is it useful for your job?

Writing Task 2 (an essay)

Some people think that giving their children a certain amount of money every week will help them have fewer financial problems in the future. Do you agree or disagree?

Speaking test


– What is your full name?
– Can I see your ID?
– Where are you from?
– Do you work or study?
– What do you do?
– Do you like your job?
– What do you think about handwriting?
– Do you think it is possible to know somebody by their handwriting?

Cue Card

Describe a prize that you would like to win. Please say

– What prize is it?
– Why would you like to win it?
– What do you have to do in order to win it?


– Do you think employers should reward their employees more?
– How do you think they should do it?
– Do you think professional athletes earn too much money?

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