IELTS test in the USA – March 2011 (General Training)

The IELTS exam in the USA was shared by our kind friend R. Here is what he remembered:

Listening test

Section 1. A man was seeking a nursery school for his child.
Section 2. About Australian soil.
Section 3. Don’t remember.
Section 4. A lecture on where to plant different flowers in the garden.

Reading test

Passage 1. Different types of tours, with their cost and length.
Passage 2. About a job preparation club, where they talk about how to do well in an interview.
Passage 3. Don’t remember.
Passage 4. The invention of airplane, from the first man who ever tried to fly to where we are today.

Writing test

Writing Task 1 (a letter)

Write a letter to a friend in an English speaking country, telling them about your relative who is coming to their country. In your letter

– describe your relative,
– ask them to meet your relative,
– tell your friend why you want them to meet your relative.

Writing Task 2 (an essay)

Student are working for short periods of time in organizations for free, as a part of their education. Is it a disadvantage or an advantage? Provide examples to support your opinion.

Speaking test

– Talk about yourself.
– Do you like science?
– Do you like to spend time outdoors, and why?
– Do you know any adventurous person?
– Why do you think they do the things they do?
– What are some of the the activities that they do?
– Do you think children should be allowed to make their own decisions?
– Do you think children should develop leadership qualities, and what are some of the ways they can do this?
– Do you think children now have more freedom than back in the day? Explain.

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