IELTS test in the US and Israel – July 2010 (General Training)

IELTS exams in the US and Israel were remembered and shared by our kind friends N and A, and here is what they told us about the Writing and the Speaking parts:

Writing test

Writing Task 1 (a letter)

You were sent to a training to another country and are doing a course. You wish to stay there for longer than was planned. Write a letter to your boss, in your letter

– say what you gained from the training,
– explain why you wish to stay longer, and
– how much longer you wish to stay.

Writing Task 2 (an essay)

Some people are saying that children shouldn’t wear uniform to school because they can’t express themselves. Do you agree or disagree? Give examples from your own experience.

Speaking test


– Do you work or are you a student?
– What kind of job do you have?
– Do you like your job?
– Are there many people in your country in the same kind of job as you are?
– Do you like animals?
– Do you keep a pet at home?

Cue Card

Talk about a subject you liked studying in a high school or in a university, please say
– what the subject was,
– who the teacher was and
– why you liked studying that subject.


– What is the difference between studying in a university versus high school?
– Do you think people like university studies better than high school? Why?
– What subject is the most popular in your country?

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