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IELTS test in Nigeria – October 2019 (Academic Module)

Our friend N. remembered the following IELTS Writing and Speaking questions from a recent test in Nigeria:

Writing testIELTS test in Nigeria

Writing task 1 (a report)

We were given two pie charts showing energy consumption for five different industrial sectors in a country for a period of two years. We had to write a report, compare and contrast where necessary.

Writing task 2 (an essay)

Nowadays media should include more good news in their publications. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Speaking test

Part 1 (Interview)

– What is your full name?
– Can I see your ID?
– Where are you from?
– Do you work or study?
– What work do you do?
– Do you like your job?
– Why did you choose this job?
– How did you find out about this job?
– Is there anything about your job you don’t like? Why?
– What do you think about making friends through the social network sites?
– Is it a good or bad thing?
– What do you think will happen in the future?

Part 2 (Cue Card)

Describe a vacation that you have taken recently. You should say

– When and where did you go?
– Who did you go there with?
– What did you do during the vacation?
– Did you enjoy the holidays or not? Why?

Part 3 (Discussion)

– What is your opinion about eco-tourism?
– Do you think more people in your country are travelling because of this?
– What effects will this have on your country’s ecosystem, in your opinion?
– How can these effects be controlled?

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