IELTS Speaking test questions – December 2008

Our friend L shares the speaking questions from a recent exam:

– Do you work or are you a student?
– What is difficult about your job?
– Would you recommend your job to someone else?
– What are the types of shops that you usually go to?
– What is the name of the shop?
– What changes have you seen in those shops these days?
– Do you read books? What kinds of books?
– Did you read books when you were a child? How often?
– Do children nowadays love reading?
– Would you give a book as a gift?

Cue Card
Describe a magazine that you read, you should say
– Why is it interesting?
– Who reads them?
– Is it popular with other people?
Explain why is it important to read them.

– Compare reading a newspaper and a magazine.
– How do people read them? Do they just read the headlines or the entire story?
– Why do people read magazines?
– Is reading the newspaper popular in your country?
– What are the other sources of news? Do people from the rural areas have the same access to these sources as people from the urban areas?
– What are the advantages of the Internet?
– Are there any disadvantages?
– Describe the impact of the internet in the lives of the students.
– Do you recommend that all countries adopt the latest trends in technology?

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