IELTS Speaking test in Vietnam – October 2012

The Speaking questions from the IELTS exam in Vietnam were shared by our kind friend P (thanks!)

Speaking testIELTS test in Vietnam


– How do you usually spend your weekends?
– In your country, do men and women usually do the same kinds of things on weekends?
– When do you spend time with your family?
– Do you think it is important to make the most of your weekend?
– Is there anything new that you would like to do on weekends?

Cue Card

Describe a sporting event you enjoyed watching. You should say

– What event was it?
– What happened there?
– Who were you watching it with?
– Explain why you enjoyed watching that event.


– Is sport very popular in your country?
– What are the most popular sports in your country?
– Is there much difference between men and women when it comes to playing sport?
– What kinds of people are most interested in sport? Why?
– Do people in your country prefer to play team sports or individual sports?
– Do people prefer to attend sports events or to watch them on TV?

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