IELTS Speaking test in the UK – October 2011

Below is the Speaking part of the IELTS exam in the UK we shared yesterday – enjoy.

Speaking test IELTS test in the UK


– Did you grow up in a village or a city?
– What leisure activities did you have in your village?
– Do you think your village is a good place to live?
– What are the advantages for young people in your village?
– Have you ever learned to dance?
– Do you enjoy dancing?
– Do you enjoy watching other people dance?
– On what occasions do people in your country dance?

Cue Card

Tell me about an old person you know. Please say

– Who is he/she?
– How do you know him/her?
– Why do you like him/her?
– Explain why this person is important to you.


– Why do some employers believe that employing an older person is an advantage?
– What can an older person offer to a company?
– Why do a lot of older people want to keep working?
– Are there many old people in your village?
– How does it affect the community when there are more old people than young people?
– What could a city do to attract more young people?

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