IELTS Speaking test in Qatar – January 2018

When H took the IELTS Speaking test in Qatar he was asked the following questions:

Speaking testIELTS test in Qatar


– Can you tell me your full name, please?
– What should I call you?
– Do you work or study?
– What did you do to get your first job?
– Are you planning to do further studies?
– Do like to eat at home or out, and why?
– Do many people in your hometown eat out?
– How often do you go out with friends?
– When did you go out with friends last?
– What did you talk about?

Cue Card

Talk about a public park you went to in the past. Please say

– Where is the park located?
– Why did you go to that park?
– Who was there with you?
– How did you feel in that park?


– What should the government do to protect the environment?
– Do you think these measures will help protect the environment?
– Do you think people now have better awareness of environmental protection?
– Do you think that the sense of natural beauty is changing over time?

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