IELTS Speaking test in Pakistan – December 2012

This update was shared by A who took the IELTS test in Pakistan.

Speaking testIELTS test in Pakistan


– What is your name?
– Do you work or study?
– What do you study?
– When did you become a student?
– What facilities do students particularly get?
– When was the last time you took photographs?
– Is there any family photo that you like in particular?
– Do you enjoy taking photographs?
– Do you think nowadays people take more photographs than before? Why?
– When do people dance in your culture?
– What kind of dances most people like to see? Why?
– Is there any change in the popularity of traditional dances in your culture?

Cue Card

Talk about a gift that you gave to someone recently. Please say

– What was the gift?
– Whom did you give it to?
– How did you feel about it? Why?
– Why did you choose this gift?


– Is there any particular event or time of the year that involves gifts exchange from commercial point of view?
– Did the tradition of exchanging gifts change lately?
– Is the feeling of giving and receiving gift equal?
– On what occasions do people in your culture exchange gifts?

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