IELTS Speaking test in Jordan – August 2010

This post is dedicated to people whose exam is tomorrow – good luck to all, and may you get easy questions! When it’s all over and you are feeling like sharing – send us anything you can remember.

IELTS exam in Jordan was identical to the exams in Ireland, UK and Iran. Below is another version of the speaking questions shared by F (thank you!).

Speaking test


– State your name.
– Do you work or study?
– What is your work?
– Did you do any training for your work?
– Describe your neighbors.
– Do you think it is beneficial to have a neighbor?

Cue Card

Describe a person you lived with, please say:
– What is the name of the person?
– How are you related to the person?
– How long have you lived with this person?
– What interests do you have in common with this person?


– What are the advantages and disadvantages of living at home and away from home?
– What are the disadvantages of living alone?
– Can the attitude of a person change over time?

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