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IELTS Speaking test in Italy – October 2011

The IELTS Speaking questions below were contributed by P from Italy. You can read the rest of his exam topics here.

Speaking test IELTS test in Italy


– What room in your home do you prefer?
– What would you change in your home?
– Do you like to swim?
– How did you learn to swim?
– At what age was it?
– What do you usually do with friends?
– How often do you see them?
– Do you prefer to go out with your family or with friends?

Cue Card

Describe a journey that took longer than you expected. Please say

– Where was it?
– Who was there with you?
– Why did it take longer?


– Airplanes and pollution.
– Why do people take long distance travels?
– What is the impact of tourism on local communities?
– Do you use public transport?
– How could it be improved?
– How do you imagine public transport will change in the future?

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