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IELTS Speaking test in Ghana – July 2018

A test taker from Ghana (thanks, M!) shared his IELTS Speaking questions from a recent exam:

Speaking testIELTS test in Ghana


– What is your full name?
– Can I see your ID?
– Where are you from?
– Do you work or study?
– What is your job?
– Why did you choose it?
– What did influence you?
– Do you remember your first day there?
– How did it feel? Why?
– Do you use maps?
– How often do you use them?
– Do you prefer paper or electronic maps?
– How did you learn to read maps?
– Do you ask strangers for directions often?

Cue Card

Describe a childhood friend of yours. Please say

– Who is this person?
– Where did you meet him/her?
– What do you remember about the person?


– Are you still friends with him/her?
– Why is that?
– Do you see your friend regularly?
– Let’s talk about technology and friends.
– Do you use technology to communicate with friends?
– Do you use social media?
– Does it help to build relationships?
– Do you go out often?
– Do you prefer going out alone or with friends?
– Is it important for kids to have friends?
– What effect do friends have on children?
– Are children easily influenced by friends?

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  1. Please send me answers above quastions .if you can mail those answers i will thank you and mail me other recent ielts questions and answers too

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