IELTS Speaking test in Australia – November 2010

The questions below were shared by E who took his IELTS exam in Australia. Here is what E was asked:

Speaking Test


– What is your full name?
– Where are you from?
– Do you study or work?
– What is your job like?
– Do you have free time?
– What type of clothes do you usually wear?
– Where do you usually buy your clothes?
– Do you think you will still wear the same clothes when you get older?
– Do you like animals?
– What are the common animals in your country?
– What sports do you play?
– What is the most popular sport in your country?

Cue Card

Talk about a childhood hobby of yours, please say
– what hobby it was,
– how you developed this hobby,
– why you liked doing this,
– how you enjoyed this hobby when you were a child.


– Do you think you can still do this hobby until now? How about in the future?
– What do you think was the hobby of the past generations?
– What do you think will be the hobby in the future?
– How can you bridge the gap between the hobbies of different generations?
– What can you suggest to working people regarding hobbies?

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