IELTS Speaking test in Australia – April 2012

Our friend M was asked these questions in a recent IELTS exam in Australia:

Speaking test IELTS test in Australia


– Where do you come from?
– What are you doing at the moment?
– Why did you choose that field of study?
– Do you know any of your neighbors? Why?
– Do you think it is better to have old or young people as a neighbors? Why?
– Is it better to plan your weekly schedule? Why?

Cue Card

Talk about a famous place that you know and would like to visit. Please say

– Where is this place?
– What have you heard about the place?
– What will you do when you go there?
– Why did you choose this place?


– Do you think you will ever visit this place? Why?
– Do you think people should get information about places they’re traveling to? Why?
– What resources are available to search for information about the place they are going to visit?
– Is the internet a good resource? Why?
– Do you think traveling is still popular in your country? Why?

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