IELTS Speaking test in Australia and Thailand – October 2012

These questions from the IELTS exams in Thailand and Australia were shared by F and B (thanks!)

Speaking testIELTS test in Thailand


– Which room in your house do you like the most?
– What are the benefits of your home?
– What kind of clothes do you prefer?
– Do you think people spend too much money on clothes? Why?

Cue Card 1

Describe a river (or any other body of water) that you used to visit. Please say:

– Where was it?
– Who was there with you?
– How did you feel there?

Cue Card 2

Describe an event from your childhood that you remember. Please say

– What was the event?
– How old were you then?
– Why do you still remember it?

Discussion 1

– Do you like water sports?
– Do you think transportation by river is a good idea?

Discussion 2

– What sorts of music do you like? Why?

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