IELTS Speaking questions from the UK – July 2010

IELTS in the UK, not surprisingly, was just like the exam in France. Here is another version of the Speaking questions, kindly shared by J, who found IELTS-Blog helpful in their exam preparation and felt like giving back:

Speaking test


– Tell me about whether you are a student or do you have a job.
– Do you think first day at work is important?
– What languages do you speak?
– Do you want to learn any other language and why?

Clue card

Talk about a famous person, not from your country, that you like. Please say
– who that person is,
– where they are from,
– why you like them
– and explain why you want to meet them.

Follow up question: have you or any of your relatives met this person?


– Why celebrities are important to a country?
– How a famous person can help people?
– Do you think that in the future nationality would not be important for celebrities?
– Is it an appropriate form of business for a celebrity to do advertisements?

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  1. This is very useful for speaking test! Thanks very much. J, Could you please add more questions?

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