IELTS Speaking questions from the UK – February 2010

IELTS Speaking in the UK was shared by N. (thanks a lot!), who remembered the following questions:

Speaking test


– Do you work or study?
– Why did you chose this job?
– What do you enjoy about your job?
– What type of a job will you be looking for in future?

– Do you wear a watch all the time? Why?
– What is the importance of time for people?
– Do you think sometimes time goes slowly / fast? Why?
– How do you feel if you are late for work?

– Do you like flowers? Why?
– On what occasions in your country people give flowers?
– Do many people in your country grow flowers?
– What was the last time that you have given flowers to somebody?

Cue card

Describe a journey you want to go on with your friend, please say
– where you want to travel,
– why you want to travel with your friend,
– how you want to travel,
– explain how you would enjoy a journey with a friend.


– Why people choose to travel with friends/family?
– Why is it important to have holidays / to travel?
– Do people in your country travel a lot?
– Do they like long journeys / short journeys? Why?
– What is the difference between a holiday and a business trip?

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