IELTS Speaking questions from the UK and Pakistan – October 2009

Today I have 2 sets of IELTS Speaking questions for you, shared by people from the UK and Pakistan (thanks you, S. and S., we appreciate your kindness!).

Speaking test 1

– What is your name?
– Profession (student or working)?
– What are your duties at work?
– Are you happy with them?
– Why are you / aren’t you happy?
– Will you continue your job? Why?
– In the future what kind of job would you prefer?

Cue Card
Talk about the vehicle you would like to buy in the future, you should say:
– What kind of vehicle would it be?
– What is the best thing about it?
– When did you first see it and where?

– What are the two major drawbacks of enormous traffic?
– What measures can reduce it?
– How can we reduce the traffic?
– In what way a good transportation system can be beneficial for reducing traffic problems?

Speaking test 2

– Introduce yourself.
– Where do you live?
– Is it an apartment or a house?
– Which part of your house do you like the most? Why?
– If you would improve any part of your house, which part would it be?

Cue card

Talk about a historical place you have visited earlier, you should say:
– Whom did you go there with?
– What do you know about it?
– Why is it special?
– Would you recommend your friends to visit this place?

– Do you think people are keen on visiting historical places?
– How much money are they willing to spend on it?
– What are the sources of information regarding historical places?

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