IELTS Speaking questions from Sudan and Poland – May 2010

IELTS in Sudan, as we are told by a kind test taker D, was just like this exam in Egypt. Another friend J from Poland also said their IELTS was the same. Here are the Speaking questions that D and J were asked:

Speaking test from Sudan


– Tell my your full name, please.
– Tell my what you like living in your hometown.
– What do you think needs to be done in your home city to make it better?
– How much free time do you have?
– What do you do in your spare time?

Cue card

Tell me about a tool in your home (not a computer) and say:
– what it is,
– where you got it from,
– what you do with it,
– and why it is special to you.


– Let’s talk about modern tools in general.
– Do you think they are difficult to be used by elderly people? Why?
– How can we help the elderly to handle modern tools or devices easily?
– What is the benefit of using modern tools at home?

Speaking test from Poland


– Tell me about your hometown.
– What food did you like when you were a child?
– What would you recommend to your children to eat?
– Is taking a child to a restaurant good or not?

– Let’s talk about animals. Are people in your country fond of them?
– Do you like animals?

Cue card

Tell me about your first experience with a computer. Please say:
– What did you learn from it?
– When was it?
– Who helped you?


– Let’s discuss benefits of computers for your family members.
– Will next generations use the computer in the same way as we do?
– You mentioned your Italian friends and that they are thought to be very sociable. Do you think they know computers to the same extent as we do?
– What can you say about writing by hand and writing on a computer?

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