IELTS Speaking questions from Singapore and UAE

Here are some speaking questions for you to practice on – many thanks to T from Singapore and H from UAE for sending them.

Speaking test in Singapore

– Where are you from?
– Has your town changed? How?
– Are you interested in the news?
– What kind of news?
– From what sources you get your news?
– Are elders interested in news more than young people? Why / Why not?

Cue card
Discuss the best stage of your life, you should say:
– what was your age ?
– why was it the best stage?

– What is the legal age of voting and marriage in your country?
– Is it the right age or you wold like to make some changes?
– Do you think there will be any changes in legal age? Why or why not?

Speaking test in UAE

– What is your name?
– What are your hobbies?
– Did you learn to paint in primary school?
– What do you think about people who buy expensive paint?
– Do you like buying paint?
– What do you think about swimming as a leisure activity for children?

Cue card
Talk about an aquatic center you enjoy to go to, say
– Where is it?
– When do you go there?
– Why do you like it?
– Who do you go with?

– What are the water resources in your country?
– Why we should take care of the water resources?
– Discuss pollution and water resources.

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