IELTS Speaking questions from Moscow, Russia – October 2009

This is the version of Speaking questions O. from Moscow was asked in her IELTS exam:

Speaking test

– What’s your name?
– What do you do? Do you study or work?
– Did you have any training done for your job?
– Do you watch a lot of television?
– What kind of shows do you usually watch on TV?
– Do you watch the shows from other countries?
– Were you taught drawing when you were a child?
– Do you think it’s necessary to teach children drawing?
– Why do you think people buy paintings?
– Would you consider buying a painting yourself?

Cue card
Talk about an electronic device that you would like to buy in the future, you should say
– What it would be,
– How you know about it,
– How much it would cost.

– A conversation about modern technology:
– Do we still need teachers in the classroom now that we have computers?
– How are the computers used on modern education?
– Why more and more young people choose to study computer technologies at universities and colleges?
– How did the technologies change the society in the past few decades?
O. says: The last question I didn’t get at first, but the assessor helped me a little bit. He rephrased the question so that I understood that he wanted me to speak about the new developments in communications – cell phones, instant messaging, etc.

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