IELTS Speaking questions from Malaysia – November 2009

IELTS test in Malaysia was the same as IELTS in Australia. Thanks to a good memory of our friend Y. we have her Speaking questions – enjoy:

Speaking test

– Describe your home.
– What is the best room in your home and why?
– Do you write letters?
– Do you prefer to write manually or using a computer?
– Do you think that children should be taught to write like in the old days?
– Compare the way you learned to write and the way children today learn to write.
– Do you like shopping?
– When was the last time you did your shopping?
– Where do you prefer to go shopping – big shops or small shops?
– What do you hate most about shopping?

Cue card
Talk about an advertisement you heard or seen, you should say
– what was the advertisement,
– where and how you heard it / seen it,
– what were the items in the advertisement.

– Where people usually advertise?
– Who usually advertise?
– Why do they advertise?
– Why businesses advertise their products?
– Should they not target the advertisement to children?
– Should they control the words they use in the advertisement?
– Should the government limit the advertisement?

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