IELTS Speaking questions from Iran – March 2010

IELTS Speaking questions from Iran were shared by S (thanks a lot!), here they are:

Speaking test


– Introduce yourself, please.
– Describe the area where you live.
– Would you recommend that residential area or not? Why?
– Do you like shopping? Why?
– How often do you go shopping?
– Why do people like to go shopping?
– Do you think the way that people choose fashions nowadays differs from past? In what ways?
– On which occasion in your country people send or give flowers to each other?

Cue card

Talk about a journey you would like to go on with your friends, please say:
– where you would like to go,
– how you would go there,
– why you would like to go there.


– For what reasons do people take trips?
– What is the difference between long and short journeys?
– What is the difference between taking a trip with friends compared to a trip with family members?
– Do you think media or TV can change your decision about a destination for a trip?
– Are you going to go on a vacation during Nowrooz (the traditional Iranian festival)?
– Where would you like to go and why?

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