IELTS Speaking questions from Iran – February 2010

IELTS in Iran was exactly like the exam in Moscow and Bahrain, and thanks to the kindness of N. here are the questions from the Speaking test:

Speaking test


– What is your full name?
– Do you have a job?
– Would you like to have another job?
– What kind of weather do you like the best? Why?
– Do you listen to weather forecasts?
– Do you watch films?
– Which do you prefer, watching films at home or in the movie theater? Why?
– What kind of films do you like?

Cue card

Talk about a person that you visit frequently, you should say
– Who she/he is,
– Why you visit her/him,
– What you do with her/him.


– When a tourist comes to your country, how do you welcome them?
Then there were questions about welcoming guests in my culture.

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