IELTS Speaking questions from India and Azerbaijan – November 2009

IELTS Speaking tests in India and Azerbaijan were shared by our friends (thank you V. and Y.), here are the questions that they remembered:

Speaking test 1

– Describe your hometown.
– What do you like best about your hometown?
– Does a lot of people ride bicycle in your country?
– Do you know to ride bicycle?
– Why do children like to ride it?
– Do you enjoy parties?
– Which parties are more interesting, of younger or of older people?

Cue card
Talk about a person who cooks well, you should say:
– Who this person is,
– How she/he learned to cook.
– How long she/he has been cooking.

– Should children learn cooking at school?
– Should children be taught where food comes from?
– Is it important to spend a lot of time on cooking?

Speaking test 2

– Where are you from?
– What should I call you?
– Currently where are you living (house or apartment)?
– Which part of your house you like best? Why?
– Where would you prefer to go shopping, big shopping centres or small shopping centres?
– What things you do not like to buy in a shopping centre?
– What is your daily routine?
– What time of a day you like most and why?
– Which activity you would like to change in your daily routine in the future?

Cue card
Talk about a place in your town you like most, you should say:
– What place in your town that is,
– Why you visit the place,
– How often you visit the place,
– When you last visited the place.

I was asked some general questions regarding places of entertainment, leisure activities and, in addition, the following questions.

– Should a hospital have modern facilities available to solve the current health problems?
– What facilities are not available in the hospitals in your town?
– What measures governments have to take to solve the traffic problems?

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