IELTS Speaking questions from Hong Kong – January 2010

IELTS Speaking test in Hong Kong was shared by J. and her friend (thank you!), here are the questions they remembered:

Speaking test


– What is your full name?
– What do you do, do you work or study?
– What are you studying?
– How do you like your major?

– How often do you hang out with friends?
– Would you prefer your friends visiting you at home or going out?
– Where do you go when you hang out with your friends?
– What are the leisure activities people would like to do in Hong Kong?

– Did you have your art lessons at school?
– Do you think children should have drawing / art classes at school?

Cue Card 1

Talk about what would you like to start doing as a leisure activity. You should say:
– what the activity is,
– where you would do this activity,
– will it be easy or difficult to do this activity.

Cue Card 2

Describe an old person that you know, you should say
– who he / she is,
– what is he / she like,
– where you met him / her.


– Do you know anyone who knows how to bake a cake?
– Think about the traditional leisure activities such as dragon boat racing, do you think we should neglect the old traditions and focus on the modern leisure activities?

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