IELTS Speaking questions from Canada – March 2010

IELTS Speaking questions were shared by T from Canada.

Speaking test


– Which part of your home country are you from?
– Is there something in your hometown that tourists should see?
– How did you learn to cook when you where a child?
– Why do you like cooking?
– What would be a destination of your choice for traveling?
– What is your favorite way of traveling?
– Have you ever been on a long trip?

Cue Card

Describe a TV program you have seen and didn’t like, you should say
– where and when you have seen it,
– what it was about and
– why you didn’t like it.


– Tell me about a TV star you like.
– What qualities make a star?
– Should they be role models for other people?
– Some people say that movie stars earn too much, what do you think?

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