IELTS Speaking questions from Brisbane, Australia – July 2010

IELTS Speaking questions were shared by our Aussie friend M, who took the test twice and remembered both sets of questions. Enjoy!

Speaking test 1


– What do you do?
– Do you like living in your area?
– Would you recommend others to live there?
– What type of fashion do you like?

Cue Card

Describe a special meal you had, please say
– where you had it,
– who you had it with,
– what was the occasion.


– Will you teach your child how to cook?
– Do children need to learn about food and cooking?
– What can government do to educate children about food?

Speaking test 2


– What do you do?
– What kind of fashion do you like?
– Has the attitude toward fashion changed recently in your country?

Cue card

Describe a book you liked when you were a child, please say
– what book it was,
– what the book was about,
– who gave it to you,
– why it was special to you.


– In your country, has reading habit among young people changed recently?
– Do you prefer reading books or reading something on the internet?
– What information can you get from the internet?
– What kind of people do you see at a library in your country?

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