IELTS Speaking questions from Australia – May 2010

IELTS Speaking questions were shared by two kind Aussie test-takers, everything they remembered is below. The full versions of the IELTS exams were posted here and here.

Speaking test 1


– What is your full name?
– Are you a student or an employee?
– What are you studying?
– Did your family help you choose this course?

– Do people in your country keep animals at home?
– What is your favorite animal?
– Why is this your favorite animal?

Cue Card

Talk about the recent changes in your hometown. Please say:
– which part of your hometown these changes have affected,
– when and where these changes were made,
– how you felt about it.


– What is different in cities of Australia and your country?
– Should people have the right to ask to change things they find uncomfortable in cities?
– What are the urgent needs of people in cities?

Speaking test 2


– Where are you from?
– Are you a student or working?
– Is the first day at school important?
– Tell me about you first day at school.

Cue Card

Talk about something that you bought but did not use much. Please say:
– what was it,
– where you bought it,
– why you did not use it.


– What is the difference in recycling in your country and Australia?
– What should government do about recycling?

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