IELTS Speaking questions from Australia – April 2010

IELTS Speaking questions were shared by M from Australia. The rest of the exam topics was published yesterday.

Speaking test


– Questions about myself.
– Questions about places to see in my home country.
– What languages do you speak?
– Are there any other languages you wish to study?
– Are you collecting anything?
– What would you like to collect in the future?
– Why people are collecting things?

Cue Card

Talk about an activity that you do to keep yourself healthy. You should say:
– what this activity is,
– when you do it,
– where you do it,
– whether you would recommend this to others and why.


– How did the people in earlier generations keep themselves healthy?
– Has it changed?
– What do you think people should start doing today to stay healthy?
– What can the government do to support healthy lifestyle?

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