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IELTS in South Africa – August 2009 (Academic Module)

IELTS in South Africa was described by W, who bought my study book Target Band 7 2 weeks ago. W and I exchanged a couple of emails and she kindly shared everything she remembered about her Academic exam plus some advice for people who are yet to take their exams. I swear I didn’t bribe her to write this 🙂 .

Life is good, and especially good with the EXAM behind me! Wow, what a relief …

I followed your advice. My tips to everyone:

  • buy the e-book Target Band7
  • practice, practice and practice
  • concentrate, and stay focused while doing the exam
  • I managed to complete all sections with time to spare.

    Thanks again for all your encouragement and wonderful tips.

    And here are the topics and questions W remembered:

    Writing test

    Writing Task 1 (report)
    Describe a double bar chart – trips made by men and women respectively during 2007 to 5 or 6 different destinations , eg to work, sport, shops, schools.

    Writing Task 2 (essay)
    Museums and art galleries should show art of their own culture, rather than those from other countries. Do you agree or disagree?

    Speaking test

    – Describe your town.
    – Do you enjoy living there?
    – Do you have people come over to your home?
    – How do you entertain them?

    Cue card
    Describe an interesting stage in your life, you should say
    – when was it,
    – where was it,
    – why you find it interesting.

    – Describe different stages in life, that are celebrated in your culture.
    – Describe the legal ages in your country.

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