IELTS in Saudi Arabia – August 2009 (Academic Module)

IELTS in Saudi Arabia was shared by A, for which we thank him and wish him a great score. Here are the topics and the questions A remembered:

Listening test

A only remembers that the conversation on the recording was in British accent.

Reading test

A remembers that the first two passages were more difficult than the third one.
Passage 3 was quite simple, it was about the psychology, how smiling makes children feel.
Writing test

Writing task 1 (report)
There was a graph describing three groups of people in Great Britain between 1971 and 2001. First group had one car , second group had two cars or more, last group had no car.

Writing task 2 (essay)
In the modern age , some people believe that it is not necessary to teach children the handwriting skills. Do you agree or disagree with this idea? Support your opinion with reasons and examples.

Speaking test

– What is your name?
– Are you student or do you work?
– What is your major subject?
– Why did you choose it ?
– Do you usually go out with friends or alone?
– What do you usually do when you go out?
– Tel me about your last a activity with your friends?
– Are there good facilities for sports in your hometown?
– Why sport is important for people?
– Do you like sport?
– What is your favorite sport?
– What do people do to stay healthy?

Cue card
Describe an activity that you enjoy, you should say
– What is it?
– Why you like it?

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