IELTS in Australia – September 2009 (Academic Module)

IELTS test in Australia was shared by P (thanks a lot!), who remembered many details:

Listening test

Section 1: A lady puts her daughter in a new school.

Questions: Fill the form with her address, phone number and some details about her daughter, a little bit about school: how many students and which subjects her daughter will be taking.

Section 2: A newly opened shopping centre.

Questions: how many car parks, how many department stores, public transport access, then a table about events in that shopping centre.

Section 3: 2 students were discussing their assignment/survey.

Questions: Charts in one question asking about proportion in their survey result, Multiple choice questions, then choose 3 options which were mentioned in the conversation, that schools need to improve or rebuild.

Section 4: A lady presented her research/project. She talked about how she got the info, the details of her project, agriculture in the past, how to fertilize the soils, why poorer farmers could produce more crops than richer farmers.

Reading test

Passage 1: Development in child education (how the first kindergarten has been settled). It was about the theory of child education that was invented by 2-3 child behavior experts.

Questions: Matching headings to paragraphs, Yes/No or True/False questions, Match the period with events, Match the persons name with the things they have done.

Passage 2: Malaria in Italy. The cause and the regulations of Malaria in Italy in the past.

Questions: Yes/No or True/False questions, Gap fills (no more than 2 words).

Passage 3: How to clean the beaches that were soiled by leaking oil in several countries.
Questions: Gap fills (no more than 3 words), Multiple choice questions.

Writing test

Writing task 1 (report)
We had a line graph about energy sources used to produce electricity in The UK between 1996-2006 (not sure about the period) There are 4 kinds for energy sources: natural fuel, oil, coal and nuclear energy. The trends were as follows: 2 lines quite stable, one was upwards and one was downwards.

Writing task 2 (essay)
What in your opinion is better, encouraging young people go to university or train to be car mechanics and builders, which are needed by the local community.

Speaking test

– Where do you live?
– How convenient is the transportation from your place?
– What were you reading when you were young?
– What are you reading at present?
– Do you shop for fruit and vegetables?
– How important is it to eat fruits and vegies?

Cue card
Describe a conversation you had and that was important to you in some way.
– Who you had it with,
– Where you had it,
– What it was about.

– Conversation in family: what kind of conversatios do you have as a family?
– Conversation between 2 men and 2 women – how different are they?

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