IELTS exams in India and Thailand – October 2008 (Academic)

Our friends from all over the world keep sharing – a student from India and a student from Thailand sat the IELTS test (an Academic module) and here’s what happened:

IELTS in India (thanks, R!)

Speaking test

– Your full name
– Where do you come from?
– Do you work or are you a student?
– Do you like holidays?
– Tell me about your last holiday
– Do you think there should be more holidays?


Describe your favorite season of the year.


– What kind of weather or climate is there in the summer and the winter season?
– Do you think that in your country there are any jobs affected by a particular season?
– Why do you think in some parts of the world people want the warm season?
– What difficulties do people have to face during the summer and winter seasons?

IELTS in Thailand (thanks, J!)

Listening test

The topics were about taxation and a library.

Reading test

The topics were about ‘why people come to study in Australia’ and censorship.

Writing test

Writing Task 1 (a report)

We were given line graphs that compared CDs sold in music shops, supermarkets, and through the Internet

Writing Task 2 (an essay)

Why many people like to live on their own. What are the social effects of this?

Speaking test

Cue Card

Describe a painting or a sculpture in your own country.

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